Belka B14 – Light Brown Wallpaper Eco Stylish Wall Covering

New Generation Wallpaper: 100 % Natural ✓ Energy Saving✓ DIY ✓ Self-Adhesive ✓ Durable ✓

Belka Light Brown Wallpaper is suitable for many designs. Combine it with dark blue for a soothing effect in your bedroom or with dark green for a grounding, natural atmosphere.


SKU: B14
Brand: Belka

Residential and commercial wallpaper with heat insulation benefits. Suitable both for walls and ceilings.

  • Ingredients: pure cotton with Belka mineral stones
  • Application: easy
  • How to: mix with water, knead and apply

Each kilogram of Belka covers around 3.5 m² if applied at 1,5-2 mm thickness.


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At your door in 3-5 working days.


5-year warranty

Durable wall design for your home and business.


Primary Color Light Brown With Cream & Brown Touches

Brown color, being earth tone, behooves many living areas in interior decoration. Belka brown tones reflect nature’s excellence on your walls. These shades fit well with minimalist designs.

Our customers use Belka light brown mainly in offices, hotels, schools, and living rooms.

Architect’s Favorite For Interiors: In our R&D labs, we generate distinguished and eye-catching Belka colors with high-tech to help you to create luxurious, trendy, and stylish living places. Besides its unlimited colors, Belka is a favorite of architects with its unique features. Architects usually mention that Belka is a superior product with heat insulation, fire resistance, sound insulation, impact resistance, and its aesthetic look.

Reduces Your Energy Costs: Economists affirm that the main costs of the companies are the electricity and gas bills. Especially manufacturers and hotel owners are looking for a reasonable & sustainable way to reduce their energy costs. Belka decreases your electricity & gas bills by heat insulation. Plus, this is the only wallpaper that can raise the value of your property.

Your Income Continues: You will love the unique features of Belka! It is the only choice for those who want their business income continues. Odorless, healthy, natural, with no harmful chemicals and no mess after use, Belka lets your customers have their service during its application. For example, it is possible to apply Belka within a hotel restaurant while customers have meals. These unique features differentiate Belka from other wall decoration products. Can you believe it! Thanks to Belka, your income continues.

Ecological: We produce Belka with high sensitivity to earth, and human and animal health, aiming for sustainability. Belka cotton wallpaper is 100% natural, with no harmful chemicals & heavy metals, healthy, recyclable, energy saving, vegan and cruelty-free.

Fireproof: The fire resistance feature makes your property safer.

Durable: Belka new technology wallpaper is more durable than wall paint and classic wallpaper. Unlike those, even after years, there are no cracks and damage on your walls. It is impact resistance. It is also tearproof, unlike traditional wallpaper.

Self Adhesive Wallpaper: Unlike peel and stick wallpaperBelka can easily hold on to all surfaces without needing an adhesive. Belka is a self adhesive wallpaper with the most advanced technology.

Sound Insulation: With up to 60% sound insulation, Belka guarantees calm and peaceful living areas. Soundproofing makes it the primary choice for offices and hotels.

How To Use?

Add a minimum of 3,5 liters of water for 1 kg of Belka. You can add 3,5 – 5 liters of water for each kg.


Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 23 × 45 cm
Pack Size










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Free delivery right to your door within 3-5 working days.
Belka Wall Design Features

How to apply Belka?


Step 1: Add water

Measure the area in square meters. 1 kg of Belka covers 3.5 m², add 3-4 L of lukewarm water per kg. Add Belka mineral stones for shine, but don't add excess water to prevent longer drying times and lower quality.


Step 2: Knead

Belka is safe and pleasant to mix with your hands. Rest the dough for 35-50 mins, kneading before and after. Proper water absorption is crucial for Belka's unique cellulose structure. A mixer can also be used.


Step 3: Apply

Use a trowel to start at the corner and work your way out when applying Belka. Begin with corners first, and maintain a 5-degree angle. A thickness of 2 mm is recommended. Thicker layers enhance insulation.

Technical Details

Preliminary not necessary
Covered Area 3.5 m² / 1 kg
Required Materials Water plastic trowel storage box
Mandatory Outfit not necessary
Furniture Protection not necessary
Cleaning After Use not necessary
Application Speed 5 hours, no preliminary / 50 m² flat including ceilings
No Primer Needed
Covers Cracks & Seamless
Must Be Used By A Painter Not Necessary
Difficulty Of Use Easy to apply, DIY
Thickness Of Application 1.5 – 2 mm
Drying Duration 7-48 hours depending on air circulation and thickness
Odor Odorless application allows you to stay home during and after use
Chemical No chemicals
Easily Repairable
Lifetime 5 years & more
Removable & Recyclable
Ceramic Wall Tile
Mural Wallpaper
Thermal Insulation Up to 80%
Sound Insulation Up to 60%
Echo Blocking
Moisture Resistance 2 L / 1 m²
Energy Saving 50% on average
3D Design
Mineral Stones Application
Custom Design
100% Natural
No Heavy Metals
Fire Resistant or Fireproof
No Poisonous Gas
No Dust
Insect Repellant (ph7)

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