Belka Features
At A Glance

Natural materials combined with modern technology make Belka the most ecological wall design you can choose. Explore all features here and learn more how Belka can save you time, money and effort.

Thermal Insulation
saves energy
Stunning Designs
for homes & businesses
recyclable & natural
Easy to Apply

DIY wall design

Easy to Remove
peel off and wipe clean
Easy to Repair
stains and dents disappear
For Any Surface
apply without preparation
No Mold
moisture resistant
impact resistant

free from chemicals

Sound Insulation

Up to 60% Sound Proof

Belka Features In Detail

Looking for an easy, high-quality way to renovate your home or redesign your business? Do you need a wallcovering that looks stunning and insulates your walls from within?

Then you need a new kind of wall design. Belka solves the problems of conventional technologies such as paint and wallpaper and introduces you to a new generation of wall design.