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%100 Natural
Pure Cotton Based
Suitable For Every Surface
Easy to Apply
DIY Effortless With Fun
Impact Resistant
Moisture Resistant
No Cracks & No Bubbles
Fire Resistant
No Odor
sound ınsulatıon
sound and echo ınsulation
Saves Energy
Luxury and Stylish
Insect free
Particular PH Rate
No cracks, bubbles, peeling.
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Pure Cotton Based

Game Changer New Generation


Wall paint and the traditional wallpaper is in the past. With Belka Welcome renovation in your living areas.

entirely cotton
No Harmful Chemicals

The Only Healthy Wallpaper Ever

We claim that we produce the most healthy and ecological wallpaper ever. Aiming for perfectness and pureness, we created a 100% natural product, pure cotton based, that contains no harmful chemicals. 

Belka is the best choice for those who cannot give up both wellness and luxury. You can even use it in baby rooms.

It protects your health as well as your property

Wallpaper, Ceramic Wall Tile, Glass, Wood; On Any Surface.

On Every Surface

There is no limit with Belka. Unlike wall paint and wallpaper, you can apply it to any surface from wallpaper to ceramic wall tile. Plus the application is straightforward, without any infrastructure.

You don’t need a rendered wall to apply. Belka can cover your wall’s damages and surface flaws such as holes, gaps, unevenness, and cracks.

You can DIY Belka wallpaper on your interior walls and ceiling.

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With Belka, Insulate Your Property Inside Out

Energy Saving With Thermal Insulation

Belka’s up to 80%  thermal insulation can help keep indoor temperatures ideal, saving you energy and money.

The thermal insulation feature consists of its cotton content. Its fibrous structure covers the wall surface and cuts the heat flow majorly.

So, it insulates the heat that passes through the walls.

Living Places With Soundproof Walls

Peaceful Life With A Sound Insulation

In today’s increasingly urbanized world, we suffer sound pollution every day, everywhere. The intense pace of life and stress avoid relaxing and sleeping. Belka prepares a healthy sleep environment thanks to sound insulation. In this way, you start every day energized, dynamic, and rested.

 Belka provides up to 60% sound insulation with the fibers inside the cotton structure. The fibers first break the sound waves and then trap them in the air gaps inside. 2mm is a standard application thickness. If desired, the level can be increased by applying thicker.

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Humidity Resistant

Moisture Resistant

Moisture causes many damages to your walls, such as cracks, bubbles, and peeling. If the humidity level is high, it destroys your property daily.

The moisture damage occurs when wall paint or traditional wallpaper is used but doesn’t happen when Belka is applied.

Installing Wallpaper Has Never Been So Easy & Fun

DIY Easily With Joy

If you have ever painted your house or office with wall paint, you know the incredible time and effort it takes. It’s the same for wallpapers with also an unbearable odor.

Belka is so easy, fun, and effortless to apply. It keeps your living place clean and tidy from application start to finish. You can use it with your bare hands, without worrying about your health.
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Many Features in One Wallpaper

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On Every Surface

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