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What is Belka?

Belka is a new generation wallpaper that will transform your walls and redefine your ideas about interior design. It is also the ultimate solution to cracked and fading walls that require constant maintenance. Belka isn’t just a stylish wall covering, it’s a complete experience. Our innovative technology offers a wide range of benefits that will enhance your living space: As being 100% natural, Belka is the perfect choice for your family’s home, including your baby’s room. The thermal insulation feature saves you energy and money. With a wide range of colors and designs, you can easily create your dream interior design with Belka. Plus, as a DIY product, it’s easy to apply to any surface without making a mess or creating unpleasant odors.

What is Belka made of?

Belka is made from 100% pure cotton and as such free from harmful chemicals. Its cellulose structure is also what gives Belka such revolutionary benefits. Read more about the technology behind Belka wallpaper here.

How long has Belka been around?

Belka Groups has been pioneering the next generation of wall covering since 1996. From the beginning, our mission was to create a high-quality, eco-friendly wall covering that makes the lives of our customers easier.

Who invented Belka?

In 1996, an engineer named Behzad Mahmoudi had the idea for a unique interior design product. Combining all his experience in the construction industry with his passion for ecological production, he developed a new generation of wallpaper: Belka was born.

What guarantee does Belka offer?

Belka is a durable wall covering and can provide amazing interior design and thermal insulation for many years. We provide a 5-year warranty on all our products, although they will delight you much longer.

Is Belka wall paint?

Since the 12th century, we’ve been ruining clothes, furniture, and our health with paint splashes and harmful toxins. Unlike paint, Belka is a natural, do-it-yourself wall covering that will save your health and property. Oh, and it has insulating properties, so it will also reduce your energy bill!
Find out more on Belka vs. Paint.

Is Belka wallpaper?

The technology of wallpaper originated in the 16th century. Back then, merchants decorated the insides of their cabinets by painstakingly applying sheets of paper. Fortunately, Belka is a lot easier to apply. You need no adhesive and can even let you children help. Find out more on Belka vs. Wallpaper.

Is Belka plaster?

Plaster is a primer needed for many conventional wall covering techniques. Plus it is not a stylish product, not suitable for interior wall décor. Whereas Belka, is a new type of wall covering, stylish wallpaper with new technology, that requires no preparation.

Does Belka contain chemicals?

No. Our goal was to create a safe wall covering that won’t harm your health and keep your family safe. You can even apply it with your bare hands and let your children help.

Is Belka safe to breathe?

Absolutely. Belka is odorless and does not emit any chemical vapors. It is 100% natural and safe.

Is Belka natural?

We use pure cotton and natural mineral stones to create our stunning Belka wall covering. All ingredients are natural and safe.

Is Belka vegan?

Yes. All Belka products are vegan.

Is Belka cruelty-free?

Yes. All Belka products are cruelty-free.

Can I remove and reuse Belka?

If you want to remove Belka, simply wet the surface until Belka becomes soft, then peel off. You can reuse the dough by adding water and kneading it well, but it may not be as good as the first time.

Is Belka safe for the environment?

We use pure cotton and natural mineral stones to create our stunning Belka wall covering. All ingredients are natural and safe.

Is Belka safe for children, adults, or pets?

Belka is a safe wallcovering for children, pets, and adults. Belka is free from harmful chemicals and poses no danger to you, your kids, or your beloved animals. Since Belka contains no toxins or gasses, it’s safe to use around pregnant women as well. If you wish to renovate your home while pregnant, please seek medical advice before you start applying to Belka.

How many Belka colors are there?

We offer more than 60 high-quality colors for any room. From bedroom walls to kitchen tiles, from baby room wall covering to an inviting hallway or a TV accent wall, you can combine and mix Belka colors to suit your vision.

Can I mix Belka colors?

Yes! You can either combine colors within a room, for example by creating an accent wall behind your TV, or you can mix Belka colors. Our customers have created incredible marble designs in living rooms, hotels, and even restaurants.
Find out here how to best create your own unique wall designs.

Can I create my own designs with Belka?

Of course! You can form Belka dough into any shape you envision. Create colorful designs for children’s rooms or branded walls for your company office. Belka supports your vision!Watch and see for yourself:

How will Belka save me energy?

Yes! Belka is a thermal insulation wall covering and offers up to 80% insulation when applied to all walls and ceilings. How, you ask? Find out here.

How will Belka save me money?

Belka wall covering saves energy due to its insulating properties. This reduces your electric bill or gas bill.

How does Belka save me effort?

Imagine you have just painted your living room. Then your children decide to use the wall as a canvas for their boundless creativity… Now you’ll have to repaint the whole wall! With Belka, you can easily remove drawings, stains, or even larger dents. It’s a repairable wallcovering that makes your life easier. Find out how to clean and repair Belka here.

Does Belka provide sound insulation?

The fibers of Belka’s cotton structure break down sound waves and trap them in the air spaces inside. Pretty neat, right? In this way, Belka provides up to 60% sound insulation. You can also apply it thicker, for example if you want to soundproof your bedroom while renovating!

Does Belka improve sleep quality?

Many of our customers say yes. It’s an odorless wall covering with sound insulating properties. A quiet, safe environment is important for a good night’s rest.

Can I use Belka in a damp environment?

Worried about cracking or peeling wall coverings or wallpapers? Belka is the best wall covering for humid climates. Its cotton structure is breathable and moisture resistant. In fact, Belka doesn’t retain moisture in it. It releases the moisture through breathing.

Is Belka a mold-resistant wall covering?

Belka’s unique properties make it moisture resistant. While paint or wallpaper will start to mold in high humidity, you won’t see these effects with Belka. Please make sure it’s really moisture and not mold. Mold is a fungal growth that occurs where there’s a lot of moisture and is harmful to your respiratory system. If you notice mold in your home, please do your health a favor and remove it before applying Belka.

Can Belka catch fire?

No. Belka is certified fire-resistant and flame-retardant. Belka wall covering will keep you and your family safe. Want to see for yourself? Then watch how Belka reacts to fire here:

How long does Belka wall covering last?

Belka is designed to last a lifetime. Its unique properties make it extremely durable and resistant to moisture, which is a big problem for paint or wallpaper. We provide a 5-year guarantee on all our products, but they will elevate your interior much longer than that!

Can I repair Belka?

Belka is designed to be durable and long lasting. It’s an impact-resistant wall covering that you can easily repair. For minor scratches or stains, such as children’s paint, simply wet the area and scrape off the stain. You can then smooth the surface and use the surrounding Belka to even out the area. For deeper dents, you may need to mix and apply new Belka. Before doing so, wet the affected area so that the new Belka will bond to the existing wallcovering.

How do I clean Belka wall covering?

Belka is a dust and stain resistant wall covering. If necessary, simply clean it with a damp cloth. But what about stubborn stains? You can easily remove red wine stains from the wall using Belka, or remove fingerprints from the Belka wall covering. All you need to do is spray some water on the affected area, let it soften and then remove the stain. If it’s deeper, find out how to repair Belka wall covering here.

Is Belka safe for nurseries or children’s rooms?

Belka is natural and chemical free. It’s a safe wallcovering for nurseries and children’s rooms.

Can I remodel my hallway with Belka?

Of course you can! Belka offers over 60 unique colors. Whether you want an inviting hallway, a calm entryway or a colorful corridor, Belka wall covering will meet your needs.

Can I apply Belka on ceilings?

Yes, you can! Using Belka on ceilings improves the thermal insulation and can further soundproof your rooms.

I want to turn my kitchen into a room. Can I use Belka on tile?

Yes, you can! Belka holds on any surface, even kitchen tiles. You don’t need any adhesive because Belka is a self-adhesive wallcovering that sticks to tiles due to our latest technology.

Can I give my living room an accent wall with Belka?

You can easily highlight a wall with Belka. Simply choose a darker color for the accent wall and apply.

Is Belka a suitable wallcovering for hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, or bistros?

Belka is ideal for hotels, cafés, restaurants, and more. Businesses need durable wallcovering that looks stunning. With Belka, you can choose from over 60 colors and mix and match them to best suit your brand. Besides, it reduces your energy costs by up to 80% heat insulation.

Is Belka a durable office wallpaper?

Office wallpapers and wallcoverings need to be long-lasting and impact resistant. Belka’s unique cotton structure offers both and combines it with an elegant finish. Even better, Belka is an easy to clean wall covering, meaning your office will remain pristine for years to come!

How do I apply Belka?

It’s really easy: First, pour Belka into a storage container. 1 kg covers about 3,5 m². Add 5 to 6 liters of water per kg of Belka and knead well. Let the dough rest for 35 to 50 minutes, then knead thoroughly again.
Now you’re ready to grab your trowel and apply Belka. We recommend a thickness of 1 to 2 mm, but you can add more of Belka wall covering for better insulation.

Do I need professional help to apply Belka?

Belka is a true DIY wall covering that anyone can apply. It’s much easier than paint and wallpaper.

Do I need to cover furniture when using Belka?

No need to! Belka will protect your furniture for you. While paint and wallpaper are very messy, Belka will not drip or splash.

What happens if I add too much water to Belka?

Adding more water than necessary will increase the drying time of Belka. At a certain point, too much water will affect the quality, so we recommend adding only 5 to 6 liters per kg.

Can I apply Belka thicker?

Of course! Applying Belka in thicker layers will increase the drying time but comes with additional benefits, such as improved thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Does a thicker layer of Belka provide more insulation?

Yes. If you add more Belka to your walls, it will insulate better because there is more to protect your interior. Learn more about how Belka reduces your energy consumption here.

Does a thicker layer of Belka provide more sound absorption?

Yes. As Belka breaks down sound waves and traps them in the air gaps of the wall covering, adding more Belka also improves sound insulation. Of course, there are limits.

How long does it take Belka to dry?

Belka takes between 7 and 48 hours to dry, depending on the humidity of the air and the thickness of the wall covering. You can open windows or set up a fan in the room to create more air circulation, which will speed up the process.

Can I be home while I apply Belka and after?

Of course! Belka is a natural wall covering that is free from chemicals. It’s odorless, so you won’t feel the urge to flee after you apply it.

Can I apply Belka while my business is running?

By all means! You can renovate your office, restaurant, or shop without interrupting your work. Belka is odorless and very easy to apply. Just use Belka on the area you want to renovate and go about your business as usual while doing it.

Can I really use Belka on any surface?

Yes, you can. With Belka, we wanted to rethink wall covering, which is why Belka is the wall covering that adheres to any surface without any preparation. You can apply Belka on walls, plaster, wallpaper, tiles, metal, wood, glass, and more.
Explore a full list here.

Can I paint on Belka?

Belka offers over 60 unique colors and is chemical free. Paint, on the other hand, can contain harmful substances that can be dangerous to your health, so we advise against using it. In addition to health considerations, adding paint to Belka may affect the quality. You will lose your warranty if you add other materials to Belka.

Can I hang pictures on Belka?

Of course! Just be sure to anchor the nails and screws in the actual wall.

Can I hang cabinets after using Belka?

Belka is designed to make your renovations as easy as possible. You can hang cabinets or shelves on any Belka wall. Just be sure to calculate the thickness of your wall construction when choosing screws, nails or pegs.

Can I use Belka on the ground?

Belka is an impact-resistant and durable wall covering. It is suitable to use on walls and ceilings, but we do not recommend using it on the floor.

How do I store Belka?

To maintain the quality of the product, store Belka powder in an airtight bag at room temperature.

How long does Belka dough keep?

If you want or need to take a break while applying Belka, you can! Simply store the leftover dough in an airtight bag in the fridge. It will keep for 10-12 hours. Sometimes life gets in the way and it may take longer. If you can’t use the dough within 24 hours, we recommend making a new batch to ensure the best possible results. .