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Frequently Asked Questions About Belka

Can I use Belka in the baby rooms?

Absolutely! Belka wallpaper is safe to use in baby and children’s rooms. Being 100% natural, it brings the softness and pureness of cotton to your nursery rooms. Anti-allergic, dustproof, fireproof, and healthy structure arrange the essential growing-up atmosphere for your baby. You can also create a cozy space for your children with lovely and original designs.

Is it natural?

Yes, it is 100% natural. With pure cotton and cellulose-based, it’s ecological. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. We produce even its dying colors from totally natural ingredients. It leaves no waste to harm the environment.

Is it safe to respire?

Yes, it’s safe to inhale. You are not exposed to harmful gas before, during, or after application. It takes care of your health. 

Does it contain any harmful chemicals?

No, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. It is 100% natural; even its dying colors are from natural ingredients.

How is Belka ecological?

As new technology wallpaper, Belka differs from other wall coating solutions. 100% natural wallpaper Belka is animal-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. The thermal insulation feature provides energy savings. As a durable product, Belka aims for environmental sustainability and no carbon footprint from the first step of production to the last one.

How can Belka provide energy savings?

Belka wallpaper provides energy savings with up to 80% thermal insulation. The microporous structure, based on pure cotton and Belka mineral stones, allows Belka to block energy loss. You have a remarkable reduction in electricity and gas bills through thermal insulation. Belka is the most ecological wallpaper ever.

Can I save money with Belka?

Yes, for sure. Up to 80% of thermal insulation increases the capacity of electrical devices. So you can get high efficiency from the air-conditioner or the combi boiler. It keeps the ideal temperature in your living areas. Therefore, your energy bills decrease.

How can I decrease my electricity bills?

You must apply Belka everywhere, from walls to ceiling, for the best thermal insulation performance. Thus it decreases your electricity bills. Apply thicker to get more thermal insulation.

How can I reduce my gas bills?

You can decrease gas bills by applying to every wall, including the ceiling.

Is Belka soundproof?

Yes. Based on pure cotton, Belka has microfibers and contains, on average, 80% cellulose. Its unique structure provides sound insulation blocking sound waves. 
Belka is up to 60% soundproof. It’s possible to increase the sound insulation level by thickening the product. In addition, you can make some spots on it via the plastic tool. Watch how you can enhance sound insulation by using more Belka.

Does it help to relax and sleep easily?

The answer is yes Scientists declare: People become more successful and happier when spending enough time sleeping. This happiness and success are valuable for personal and professional life both. For deep and healthy sleep, clean air, silence, and positive energy are vital.
Belka guarantees you this safe and healthy area. Up to 60% of sound insulation decreases noise. You inhale clean air when sleeping because it’s anti-static and odorless. It reduces electromagnetic smog (electrosmog) caused by mobile phones and electrical devices. It provides living areas with positive energy.

Can Belka be applied on moisturized surfaces?

Yes, it can. First, we have to figure out the difference between moisture and mold. Moisture or humidity is the water steam that appears during climate changes. But mold is a kind of fungi that occurs in buildings exposed to moisture long time. 
Belka, with its cellulose structure, is resistant to sweating and moisture. It retains water up to 25 times bigger than its volume.

Can I use Belka to change the smell of the room?

Yes, you can. Belka is odorless. If you add some essences while kneading it with water, you can have beautiful flower smells in your room. Besides, you can spray the smell you line on Belka wallpaper.

Is Belka suitable wallpaper for hospitals and clinics?

Yes, it’s safe and reliable for hospitals, clinics, and pet hospitals because it’s natural and healthy.

Is Belka suitable for restaurants and coffee shops?

Yes, Belka is the ideal solution for restaurant and coffee interior renovation. It is natural, healthy, odorless, anti-dust, anti-insect, fire resistant, dirt, and stain resistant. Plus, it reduces the electricity and gas bills with thermal insulation.

What is the warranty period of a product?

We provide five years of warranty. You can use our product even longer than this period. Belka is long-lasting because it’s colorfast, impact-resistant, easy, and free to repair. All these features decrease your installation costs.

Is Belka vegan?

Yes, it is vegan wallpaper. It is cruelty-free.

Is it recyclable wallpaper?

Yes, it is. It can be easily removed and applied again. Thus, it is a recycling wall coating material.

Is it easy to apply?

Yes, you can apply it readily. It is a DIY product. Mix with water and apply directly with a trowel.

Can I apply with my children?

Yes! Belka is healthy and easy to apply. You can have an enjoyable family activity for the weekend while using it with your children.

Is it possible to use it while we are at home?

Happily, yes! One of Belka’s most comfortable and unique features is allowing you to use it while you are at home. Besides, you don’t have to finish whole within a day; you can use piecemeal. You don’t have to get out of your home or cover up your furniture. 

Is it possible to apply when our business is running?

Good news! Absolutely yes. It allows you to use it while you, your colleagues, and your customers are at the office. Your company can stay open, so you are keeping to earn money. If you have a restaurant, your customers can have their meal during the Belka application because it’s healthy, safe, and odorless. It doesn’t make a mess too.

Does Belka have color choices?

Yes, Belka has more than 60 colors. Plus, you can mix the colors among them and get unlimited colors and designs.
We offer a color diversity appealing to every taste and lifestyle. Finding suitable options for your home interior decoration or furniture is easy. Feel free to choose your favorite color from the color chart. According to the research, color choices vary in each culture and climate. Our tastes and the place features we desire to decorate can determine our preferences too. With this awareness, we created a fantastic collection for you.

Can I get it done a particular design?

Yes! It’s possible to use templates as well as particular designs or pictures. Besides, you will be the only owner of this unique design. You have unlimited options as much as your imagination.

Can I use it on the TV backdrop wall?

Yes, for sure. You can apply it to the TV accent wall in your living room or saloon. To cover up cables behind a TV or create a new ambiance in your room with mixed colors, please watch.

I want to change my kitchen to a room. Is it applicable to ceramic wall tiles?

You can apply Belka on every surface. We offer an economical and quick solution for transforming your kitchen into a room. Belka is easy to apply on ceramic wall tiles. So you can enjoy the renovation without any dust or rubble.

Can I do it myself?

How much time does it take to dry Belka wallpaper?

It depends on air circulation, humidity, heat, and application thickness. If the area is moisture free and there is enough air circulation, Belka wallpaper can dry too fast.

Can I add wall paint to it?

Belka has color diversity; you will not need extra color. Plus, we don’t suggest you add wall paint because it has a harmful chemical that can destroy the natural structure of Belka. Belka becomes out of warranty when you mix its content with other products.

How do I calculate how many kg of Belka I need to use?

You must first measure the surface area you want to cover. Then it would be best if you calculated which of the package is suitable for your surface area. For example, if you wish to install seven m², you should buy two packs of 1 kg Belka. Likewise, if you have an area of 20 m², you need two bags of three kilograms of Belka.

What happens if I use more water than required?

You can add, on average, 3.5 liters of water for each kg of Belka. Please avoid using more water than required because it can increase drying time. If you added too much water, please add some Belka to reform the mix.

How many square meters can per kg of Belka cover?

1 Kg of Belka covers, on average, 3.5 square meters, 3 Kg ten m², and 10 Kg 35 m².

How can I calculate the square meters of the surfaces?

If the wall you wish to install Belka wallpaper does not contain doors and windows, you can easily calculate the m².

First, you have to measure the height and the width.
The Surface Area on SQM= Height X Width
Ex: 6 meters (height) X 3 meters (width) = 18 m2 (square meters)

How can I apply Belka on different surfaces?

You can apply Belka on any surface* without preliminary. Add enough water to Belka, knead it, and apply with a trowel. * Ceramic tiles, wallpaper, styrofoam, wood, glass, plaster, ceramic, cement, brick, metal, unplastered wall, and concrete. Watch how to apply it on any surface.

What is the ideal thickness for the application?

The thickness of the product should be at least 1,5mm. You can apply it thicker to increase thermal and sound insulation features.

Can I apply Belka on Belka wallpaper?

Yes. Suppose you want to try another color or design of Belka. In that case, you can apply it to the previous one without removing it.

Can I apply Belka thicker than required?

Yes. You can apply thicker than 1,5 mm. It provides more thermal and sound insulation. Also, the product becomes more durable. Please note the drying time increases in this case.

How to make different designs or patterns with Belka?

With Belka, you can get a limitless design. It’s up to your imagination. To make a unique design, you can print out your desired image. Then add carbon paper on the backside. Stick the image on the wall and draw again by following the lines. Then remove the drawing from the wall and cover the image with Belka. You can use tape to avoid mixing the different Belka colors for geometric designs. Please prepare the color separately.

Can I apply Belka on the ceiling?

Yes, you can. Belka application on the ceiling increases thermal and sound insulation.

Can I apply Belka on the ground?

Belka is suitable for interior walls and ceilings. We don’t suggest applying it on the ground.

How to keep Belka packages?

You keep Belka packages in the conditions below: • Ideal Storage degree: 22 centigrade degrees. • Keep away from the sun in moisture free areas. After opening, keep the product in a cool place away from the sun, within an airtight bag or box.

How to preserve Belka in dough form? How to keep it for later use?

Put the Belka dough in an airtight storage box or a plastic bag. You can keep 2 to 3 days like this. Thus the product can stay in paste form.

How can I clean Belka?

Belka is antidust and stainproof. You can clean with a damp-dry cloth if it’s needed. If there is a stain, spray some water on Belka to remove it. Make it soften and remove the stained piece. And apply Belka over.

How can I repair Belka?

Belka is a very durable and impact-resistant wallpaper. Minor damage can happen rarely, but you can fix it so quickly. If a powerful impact occurs on Belka wallpaper, some damage may happen. In this case, to repair Belka, all you have to do is spray some water on it. Make it soften and remove the damaged piece gently. And apply Belka over. You can handle it.
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