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DIY Belka On Any Surface

You Can Use Belka On Any Surface

Finally renovate without rubble: Gone are the days of priming or repainting a wall before you can create new stylish designs. We developed Belka to be a new kind of eco-friendly technology that saves you time and money.

The result: Belka adheres to any material without a primer or plaster. Its unique structure fills the pores and cracks to create a smooth surface.

Holds Easily On Any Surface

No More Removal Hassle

If you’ve ever had to remove old tiles or wallpaper, you probably swore you would never have to do it again. With Belka, you don't have to!

The Versatile Solution

You can apply Belka without primer to any surface, including wallpaper, ceramic tile, wood, marble, concrete, glass and metal.

One Coat Finish

Plaster, cement and Kenitex surfaces are ideal for Belka. Our advanced technology provides a professional finish with just one coat compared to older methods such as paint.

Say Goodbye to Chipped Paint

Speaking of paint: Belka easily adheres to both oil-based and plastic-based paints. Worried about how to repair chipped paint? Belka is your answer. It fills cracks and gives your walls a smooth finish. Remove any flakes and DIY with joy!

Cover Wooden Surfaces with Ease

Want to cover a wooden surface with paint? Belka will adhere to MDF and HDF wood without a primer or undercoat. Since Belka requires water during application, you’ll need to cover chipboard with an oil-based coating material to protect it until Belka is dry.

Protecting Black Iron and Chipboard

Similar to wood, black iron can be affected by the moisture in Belka. Protect it with an oil-based coating material and then apply your favorite Belka wall design.

Yes, You Can Paint over Tiles and Glass

What about glass and tiles? Can you paint over tiles with Belka? Yes, you can! Be sure to clean them thoroughly, then Belka will adhere easily to tiles and glass.

A note for all surfaces: Please rub off any flaking or rotten areas before applying Belka.