Stylish Sound Insulation Wall Design

Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to stylish walls with Belka! Our cotton-based wallcovering offers up to 60% noise reduction at just 2mm thick.

What's more, Belka's colorfast designs enhance your living space with 60 chemical-free, DIY color options. Combine form and function with Belka and enjoy a peaceful, exceptional environment!

How Does Belka Provide Sound Insulation?

Effective Sound Absorption

Belka is a revolutionary cotton-based wall finish that effectively reduces noise in your home or business by absorbing sound waves. The cellulose fibers that make up Belka are specifically designed to trap sound, preventing it from traveling through the wall and into adjacent rooms. Belka's textured surface creates a larger surface area for sound to be absorbed, further enhancing Belka's soundproofing properties.

Optimal Sound Insulation At 2 mm

Just 2 mm of Belka reduces noise pollution by 60%, making it an effective solution for homes and businesses. For additional sound reduction, apply a thicker layer of Belka wall design and enjoy even more peace and quiet.

Safe and Durable Wall Design

The benefits of Belka go beyond sound insulation: Our revolutionary wall design is moisture, chemical and fire resistant, making it a safe and durable option for any interior surface. Anyone can apply Belka DIY wall design without the need for professional help, making it the most practical and cost-effective way to add sound absorption to your walls.

Choose Smart Interior Design with Belka

Designed for stylish efficiency: Reduce unwanted noise in your life with Belka's superior soundproofing properties and enhance your home or business with the next generation of wall design. Choose Belka today and take the first step towards a quieter, more enjoyable space.