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Belka, unlike wall paint, does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is 100% natural. Plus, it doesn’t need preliminary before use. Its speed of application, thermal & sound insulation features, impact & moisture resistance, made wall paint a thing of the past.

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Saves Your Time

DIY easily without preliminary. No need to clean afterward

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Saves Your Money

Thermal insulation supports your family budget.

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Pure cotton based, natural, vegan, cruelty free.

PREPARATION why belka draw line 1 BELKA WALL PAINT
Preliminary Not necessary Must
Covered Area 3,5 M2/ 1 KG 3,5 M2 / 1 L
Required Materials Water, Plastic Trowel, Storage Box. Paint, Primer, Roller Brush, Staircase, Tape, Protective Cover, Paste, Screwdriver...
Mandatory Outfit Not necessary Apron, Gloves, Goggles, Mask, Coverall.
Cleaning After Use Not necessary Chemical cleaners are needed. It's difficult to clean up.
APPLICATION why belka draw line 1 BELKA WALL PAINT
Application Speed FAST - 2 Days / 100 M2 7 Days / 100 M2
No Primer Needed Yes No
Covers Cracks & Nail Holes Yes No
Must Be Used By A Painter Not necessary Generally, it is a must
Difficulty Of Use Easy to apply. You can DIY. Difficult
Thickness Of Application 1,5 - 2mm 100 Micron
Drying Duration Big Advantage: You can stay at home just after the application. Odorless, no chemicals.
First 10 hours, 70% of the product is dried. In 48 hours, 100% dried.
Due to the harmful chemicals and unbearable odor, you can not stay in the same area.
Drying time is 12-14 hours.
Easily Repairable Yes No
Lifetime 5 Years & More 1 Year
Removable & Recyclable Yes No
SURFACES why belka draw line 1 BELKA WALL PAINT
Wall Yes Yes
Glass Yes No
Metal Yes No
Wood Yes No
Brick Yes No
Plaster Yes No
Marble Yes No
Mural Wallpaper Yes No
INSULATION why belka draw line 1 BELKA WALL PAINT
Thermal Insulation Up To 80% No
Sound Insulation Up To 60% No
Echo Blocking Yes No
Moisture Resistance 1 M2 / 2 L No
Energy Saving On Average 50% No
DESIGN why belka draw line 1 BELKA WALL PAINT
3D Design Yes No
Mineral Stones Application Yes No
Creative Design Yes No
FEATURES why belka draw line 1 BELKA WALL PAINT
Ecological Yes No
100% Natural Yes No
No Heavy Metals Yes No
Vegan Yes No
Fire Resistant / Fireproof Yes No
No Poisonous Gas Yes No
Odorless Yes No
Healthy Yes No
Antiallergic Yes No
No Dust Yes No
No Insect (PH7) Yes No
New Fashion For Interiors

New Generation Mural Wallpaper

best choice for interior designers

Stylish & Luxurious

Meet the new generation wallpaper Belka. With its color diversity and high-tech features, this is the favorite of designers and architects.

Environmentally Friendly

Cotton wallpaper Belka protects your health as well as the world. It provides for you and your family.

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