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Belka Wallpaper On Every Surface

New Age Interior Designs With Belka

Belka matches readily to any surface with its unique features. It is highly durable and adheres firmly to the surface. Along with smooth wall coating, it also helps you get stunning and stylish designs.

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Holds Easily On Any Surface

You can apply Belka without primer on any surface, such as wallpaper, ceramic wall tile, wood, marble, concrete, glass, and metal. No additional cost, such as a primer or plaster, is a must. Thanks to its unique structure, Belka fills the pores and cracks and creates a smooth surface.

belka on wallpaper

To Wallpaper Without Removing It

Did you know that you can renovate your walls without removing wallpaper? You can apply Belka easily onto wallpaper without peeling it. P.S. If your wallpaper is old and peeling off, remove it.

belka on wood
Wood, Timber

On Untreated Wood

If you apply it to untreated wood or timber, we suggest you use a waterproof coating in advance.

belka on cement

To Concrete & Base Coat Without Any Cost

After construction, you can apply it quickly and easily to concrete, base coat, and walls. It dries in a short time, and you get a stylish decoration.

belka on glass
Glass, Windows, Winter Balcony

You can cover your windows with Belka

You can use ecological wallpaper Belka even on glass surfaces. All you have to do first is to clean the surface from dust and dirt.

belka on solid wood
Solid Wood, Chipboard

Best Results On Every Surface

Belka is the only wall coating material you can get great results on solid wood, chipboard, and wooden wall panels.

belka on ceramic wall tiles marble
Ceramic Wall Tiles, Marble

Renovation Without Rubble!

You can quickly renovate the bathroom and kitchen walls covered with marble or ceramic tiles. You don’t have to break the tiles so that you can transform your kitchen into a room without a mess. Do not worry anymore about tile gaps because Belka fills them.

belka on plaster

On Plaster Finished Surfaces Without Base Coat

You can apply it to plaster surfaces without any preparation beforehand. With its micro porous content, Belka can cover your wall’s damages and surface flaws, such as holes, gaps, unevenness, and cracks.
belka on brick

No Worries About Cracks & Dents In The Wall

Belka, which can be applied directly to brick surfaces, creates a stylish and luxurious decoration. To fill up the gaps, you may need more Belka.

belka on stone

Effortless Application To Stone Surface

Belka application is so simple on every surface. You can also get great results on stone-built walls. Thanks to its particular structure, it fills cracks quickly, saving you time.
belka on metal
Metal, Iron, Steel

Perfectly Covers Metal Surfaces

You can apply Belka wallpaper to all metal surfaces, such as iron, steel, and chrome. Using a little less water on metal surfaces is recommended to avoid oxidation.
on every surface


The only wall coating product applicable on any surface.

belka covers cracks


Covers cracks, gaps, holes, and cable lines on walls.

self adhesive wall paper


Holds on to all surfaces without needing any adhesive.

easy to apply wallpaper


Belka wallpaper application is effortless and funny.

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