Belka B4 – Beige Wall Painting Design Wall Design

The Next Generation of Wallpaper : Heat Insulation, Ecological, Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Belka Beige Wall Painting Design Cotton Wall Design is ideal if you want to combine your Wall Covering with bold colors such as red and orange. Colorfast and durable, Belka will grace your home for many years to come.



Residential and commercial wallpaper with heat insulation benefits. Suitable both for walls and ceilings.

  • Ingredients: pure cotton with Belka mineral stones
  • Application: easy
  • How to: mix with water, knead and apply

Each kilogram of Belka covers around 3.5 m² if applied at 1,5-2 mm thickness.

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At your door in 3-5 working days.

5-year warranty

Durable wall design for your home and business.


Belka Beige Wall Painting Design

Belka Beige Cotton Wall Painting Design

Beige Wall Painting Designs

Cream or beige tones befit many interior designs as vintage, minimalist, classic, or modern styles. You can choose the tint matching your furniture from the Belka catalog. Plus, these colors are convenient to combine with many colors.

Nude & neutral shades of Belka turn your home ambiance into a cozy yet stylish place with a natural view. Mostly preferred for living rooms, our customers use these tones in bedrooms and hotel rooms too.

Fits Luxurious Homes: We develop Belka’s unique colors with passion and enthusiasm to make them the best choice for luxurious living places.

Safe: It is natural, safe, healthy, and even proper for baby rooms.

Exclusive: You can apply it while your children are at home! Wall paint and traditional wallpaper expose harmful gas with an unbearable odor during the application. Unlike them, Belka allows your family to stay at home when using the product. On the other hand, the same thing is valid for working places too. For example, it is possible to apply Belka within a restaurant while customers have their meal. Can you believe it! Thanks to the unique features of Belka, your income continues.

Gathers Families: Belka is a DIY product, healthy, odorless, with no chemicals, and gathers families for an enjoyable weekend activity. Let’s invite your children or siblings to apply Belka Wall Painting Design together!

DIY With Fun: It is easy to apply. You can do it yourself. Plus, no mess and dirt have to deal with after use. You can apply it on walls as well as ceilings.

Protects Your Health & Property: This is the only Wall Painting Design that can protect your property and raise its value. Besides the thermal and sound insulation, it’s fire, impact, and moisture resistant. Belka Wall Painting Design along your and your loved ones’ health; protects your property.

Energy Saving: The heat insulation feature of up to 80% saves you energy & money.

How To Use?

Add a minimum of 3,5 liters of water for 1 kg of Belka. You can add 3,5 – 5 liters of water for each kg.

Additional information

1 kg


9 × 23 × 45 cm

Pack Size

1 kg , 3 kg , 10 kg

Shipping & Delivery
Free delivery right to your door within 3-5 working days.
Belka Wall Design Features

How to apply Belka wall paint?

Step 1: Add water

Measure the area in square meters. 1 kg of Belka covers 3.5 m², add 3-4 L of lukewarm water per kg. Add Belka mineral stones for shine, but don't add excess water to prevent longer drying times and lower quality.

Step 2: Knead

Belka is safe and pleasant to mix with your hands. Rest the dough for 35-50 mins, kneading before and after. Proper water absorption is crucial for Belka's unique cellulose structure. A mixer can also be used.

Step 3: Apply

Use a trowel to start at the corner and work your way out when applying Belka. Begin with corners first, and maintain a 5-degree angle. A thickness of 2 mm is recommended. Thicker layers enhance insulation.

Technical Details

Preliminary not necessary
Covered Area 3.5 m² / 1 kg
Required Materials Water plastic trowel storage box
Mandatory Outfit not necessary
Furniture Protection not necessary
Cleaning After Use not necessary
Application Speed 5 hours, no preliminary / 50 m² flat including ceilings
No Primer Needed
Covers Cracks & Seamless
Must Be Used By A Painter Not Necessary
Difficulty Of Use Easy to apply, DIY
Thickness Of Application 1.5 – 2 mm
Drying Duration 7-48 hours depending on air circulation and thickness
Odor Odorless application allows you to stay home during and after use
Chemical No chemicals
Easily Repairable
Lifetime 5 years & more
Removable & Recyclable
Ceramic Wall Tile
Mural Wallpaper
Thermal Insulation Up to 80%
Sound Insulation Up to 60%
Echo Blocking
Moisture Resistance 2 L / 1 m²
Energy Saving 50% on average
3D Design
Mineral Stones Application
Custom Design
100% Natural
No Heavy Metals
Fire Resistant or Fireproof
No Poisonous Gas
No Dust
Insect Repellant (ph7)

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