Discover the Advantages of Belka Wallcovering

Why Belka?

Renovations are time consuming, expensive and always messy. Wallpaper doesn't do much to insulate, while paint chips and cracks over time.

We need a revolution in wall covering. A repairable product that combines insulating properties with stylish finishes and 100% natural ingredients.

That revolution is Belka.


Improve Your Home With Revolutionary Wallcovering

Explore the unique advantages of Belka wall design: Save time and effort with our clean, ecological alternative to wallpaper and paint. Apply it on any surface and enjoy a thermal insulation wallcovering that adds soundproofing along with a stunning finish. Or watch your kids play in a room decorated with reparable wall design – Belka adds exceptional design and technological benefits in any room!

Belka Insulating Wallcovering

Wallpaper and paint are both messy to apply and do little to prevent heat loss during winter or insulate in the summer, adding to your energy bill.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: Belka wall covering offers up to 80% thermal insulation. We developed a unique technology that saves you time and money.

Affordable Luxury with Belka Wallcovering

Looking for a way to design your home or office that truly reflects your creativity and unique qualities? From modern minimalist interiors to bohemian chic, from retro style to Scandinavian living, Belka leaves no interior design wish unfulfilled.

Find the perfect color to match your quirky curtains, offset your living room furniture with an accent wall, and add sparkle to your office walls with mineral stones. Belka even turns a kitchen backsplash into an easy-to-clean work of art!

Ready for an affordable, extraordinary wall design? Discover our 60+ colors and mix and match to suit your needs.

Ecological Wall Design

With Belka, we set out to create the most eco-friendly wallcovering possible. Based on pure cotton and cellulose, Belka requires no harmful chemicals to manufacture compared to old-fashioned technologies like wallpaper and paint, while using less energy to produce.

What's more, Belka is vegan and cruelty-free. It is easy to remove and recycle. And if you don't reuse Belka, it decomposes quickly with minimal impact on the environment.

Belka’s Repairable and Long-Lasting Wall Decor

Want to make your home your own without ruining your furniture and clothes? Lose the apron and forget the gloves. Belka is clean and neat to apply, so you don't have to cover your furniture.

You'll enjoy renovating your kitchen or living room with Belka because it's odorless. Get your kids to join the DIY project without worrying about nasty smells or harmful chemicals. Or finish all at once - you can apply Belka at intervals and enjoy the ultimate freedom in wall design.

Easy to use, DIY wall design

Want to make your home your own without ruining your furniture and clothes? While traditional paint is messy and wallpaper is difficult to apply, Belka is a next generation DIY wall design. Even kids can help apply it!

Lose the apron and forget the gloves. With Belka, you don't need to cover your furniture because it's clean and neat to apply.

Belka Holds On Any Surface

Want to remodel your kitchen without removing the tile? Looking for a way to cover the glass walls of a conservatory? Just finished construction and wondering how to prime a wall or which primer to use?

These questions are irrelevant with Belka. It is the only self-adhesive wall design that sticks to any surface.

Belka Sound-Insulation Wallcovering

Especially in larger cities, noise can become a problem and disrupt our sleep. Many want a way to soundproof their bedroom and improve their night's rest, but most options require complex and expensive renovations.
The inexpensive and easy solution: Belka. Its unique structure provides up to 60% sound insulation. You can finally sleep soundly again!

Belka’s 100% safe, Fire-Resistant Wall Design

The most impressive wallpaper can become a fire hazard, endangering you and your loved ones. Paint, on the other hand, emits noxious odors.

If you're looking for a non-flammable wall design that will protect your family even at very high temperatures, Belka is your safe, TSE-certified choice.

Belka Moisture Resistant Wallcovering

Moisture seeps into walls, causing unpleasant odors and damaging both your precious wall art and your property. What's more, the resulting mold can be hazardous to your health.
Thanks to its cellulose structure, Belka absorbs water, effectively prevents mold and is durable in humid environments.

Belka Healthy Wall Design

Artificial products like paint and wallpaper bring toxic chemicals into your home that can harm your family as they unfold indoors. With its 100% natural, pure cotton base, Belka is the healthiest wallcovering you can choose, even safe for children's rooms.

Stylish and healthy living can coexist. Choose stunning colors that suit your style and apply them with your bare hands without worrying about your health. Your children can help and join the Belka adventure!