Inspiring Office Wallpaper Ideas

Create an inspiring office with soundproof and durable wallcovering from Belka

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Sound Absorbing Office Wallpaper

As much as we love coming together in a shared space to build company culture, the noise of an office can be overwhelming. That's why so many companies choose sound-absorbing office wallpaper to support productivity.

But while most solutions simply insulate your office, Belka combines form and function. It provides up to 60% sound reduction and an elegant finish on any surface, without the need for primer. Sound reduction and design in one!

Discover Durable Office Wallcovering In Every Style

From beige to blue, from bright to muted, we have designed all Belka colors to withstand the daily grind of the office. Which durable office wallpaper design best suits your brand?

Add your logo to the office decor with Belka wallcovering

Want to wow your customers and inspire your employees? Then decorate your office wall with your logo made of Belka.

We designed our new technology wallcovering to allow for endless creativity. Simply create a stencil, choose your colors, and add your logo to your office walls.


Office wall design for more productivity:
go blue!

Science has found that blue tones stimulate and heighten productivity. Use this to your advantage and transform your office into a powerhouse with our modern blue office wallpapers.

Reduce Energy Costs With Thermal Insulation Office Wallcovering

Belka is more than just a sound-absorbing wallcovering with a stunning array of colors. One of Belka’s most innovative features is that it also insulates walls from the inside out, reducing your company’s energy bill and saving you money.

If you’re looking for a way to make your office more energy efficient, apply Belka to all walls and ceilings. This will increase the insulating effect of the Belka wallpaper… and look stunning!

Create A Better Work Environment With Belka Office Wallpaper

Even in an era of remote work, many of us spend the majority of our week in an office. Often these spaces are dark, bland and uninviting, yet research shows that a well-designed office can increase productivity.

Make your employees feel valued and improve your environment with Belka!

Long-lasting office wallpaper

Based on the latest technology, Belka is more durable than office wallcovering alternatives such as paint and classic wallpaper. Its cotton structure makes it impact-resistant, so it won’t be easily damaged.

Whether you’re redesigning your office or launching a new location, Belka office wall design will support your growth for years to come.

Easy to repair office wall covering

Worried about cleaning stains from your office walls or repairing dents from daily business?

You can easily remove coffee stains from Belka wallcoverings or repair scratches and holes.

Where you would have to repaint an entire wall, you can simply remove the stain or blemish with Belka. Where you’d have to remove and reapply wallpaper if you damaged the wall, you can easily repair Belka wallpaper.

Fire-resistant office wallpaper

A fire in your office can cost lives and ruin your property. That’s why more and more businesses are choosing fire resistant wallcoverings to reduce the risk of damage.

Belka is TSE certified as non-flammable, even at high temperatures, and will keep you and your employees safe.

Odorless office wallcovering

The pungent smell of fresh paint or the stench of wallpaper paste can affect the well-being of your employees. Chemicals in the materials can affect their respiratory system and health over time.

Belka is completely odorless during and after application. As a chemical-free wallcovering, you’ll keep your team safe during the day.

The next generation of wall design

In the 16th century, merchants used small sheets of paper to decorate the inside of their cabinets. Today, wallpapering is a messy, difficult, and time-consuming way to freshen up your interior.

Good news for your patience and your walls: As a new technology wallcovering, Belka recognizes the problems of wallpaper and solves them for you. Belka adheres to any surface and requires no preparation. It’s a clean wallcovering, and with more than 60 colors, you can find a combination that perfectly matches your style.

Say goodbye to paint splashes

Humans love decorating walls so much that we’ve been painting the interiors of our homes since the 12th century. Paint also means we’re ruining clothes, furniture and our health with paint splashes and harmful toxins.

Belka is a natural, DIY wallcovering that is faster to use and safer than paint. It provides powerful insulation without the use of chemicals. Good for you, your wallet and the environment – welcome to the next generation of wallcovering.

Explore Belka Wallpaper For Any Room

If you enjoy Belka as your sound-absorbing office wallcovering, you’ll also love this ecological wallpaper in your home.

Whether you’re looking for kitchen design inspiration, modern living room design ideas, or soothing bedroom wall designs, Belka has you covered!