The Heat Insulation Wall Design For an Efficient Home

Combining form and function: Belka's natural cotton fibers insulate walls from within, reducing your energy costs while enhancing any living space.

Professional help with application? Not with Belka! Its do-it-yourself application makes Belka wall design even more practical and cost-effective. The ideal choice for any homeowner or tenant.

Why Is Belka The Efficient Heat Insulation Wallpaper You Need?

1. Heat Loss Reduction

If you live in an older building, you’re probably familiar with the many problems associated with heat loss. When heat escapes through cracks or poorly insulated areas, you have to heat your home more, increasing your energy costs and your impact on the environment. Traditional insulation methods are expensive and time-consuming to install, leaving many homeowners struggling to find practical solutions.

2. Belka’s Natural Solution for Style and Savings

Fortunately, the search is over: Belka’s natural cotton fibers create a layer of insulation that helps regulate the temperature of the room, reducing the amount of heat lost through the walls. No need for an extra layer – Belka wall design combines thermal insulation with a stylish finish. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, Belka will help you reduce your energy bills while improving your living space!

3. Sound Absorption, Durability, DIY

There’s a lot more to Belka than thermal insulation: The revolutionary wall design also provides excellent sound absorption and is highly durable. You can easily apply our impact-resistant wall design yourself, covering cracks and supporting the structural integrity of your home. What’s more, Belka Wall Design adheres to any surface, adding an extra layer of protection and insulation.

4. Choose Belka for Sustainable and Affordable Insulation

By choosing Belka for your walls, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that looks great and provides practical benefits. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to a more comfortable and sustainable living space with Belka.

How does Belka heat insulation work?

Science confirms Belka’s effective thermal insulation properties: The main component of Belka wall design is cellulose fiber. When measured, its thermal conductivity decreases with increasing density. The more Belka you use, the better it insulates your walls from within against heat loss.
When measuring and comparing insulation performance, Belka outperforms other interior wall finishes on the market. With a thermal conductivity of approximately 15 m²K/W for a thin layer of just 2 mm, Belka provides an R-value of 3.8 per inch. An R-value is the ability of a material to resist heat flow, or thermal resistance. The higher the number, the better the material insulates and the more it reduces heat loss and energy costs. To compare, regular wallpaper only has an R-value of XXX per inch. This high R-value, combined with Belka’s ability to absorb thermal energy, makes it an effective insulator that turns any room into a more energy efficient home.
Reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint: Saving energy reduces our impact on the environment. Using agricultural products as raw materials for insulation, such as cellulose, helps us even more! Belka effectively uses natural, unused resources, making it an environmentally friendly choice for homeowners and renters alike. With Belka, you’ll be one step closer to a sustainable society!
We can all reduce our energy costs with the right thermal insulation wallpaper. Belka is the most sustainable choice, made from environmentally friendly materials that give it a superior R-value. Cellulose fiber combined with revolutionary technology provides a wall finish that both reduces heat loss and enhances the comfort of living spaces for homeowners and renters alike.

Curious about what else Belka offers?

DIY Wall Design in 3 Simple Steps

It’s really that easy: All you need is Belka, water, and a trowel to transform your walls and ceilings with custom designs.


Pour Belka into a storage container and add water.

35-50 minutes

Knead the mixture thoroughly until it forms a dough and let it rest for 35-50 minutes.


Now the fun begins! Take your trowel and apply Belka directly onto any surface.

Heat Insulation FAQ

High energy bills, drafts in your home, cold bridges around windows, or uneven temperatures are all signs that your home may need additional insulation. Fortunately, Belka will help you insulate your walls from the inside out in a stylish way.
If you apply Belka in its standard thickness, i.e. about 2 mm, you already get up to 80% thermal insulation. You’re welcome to increase the thickness to up to 5mm if you need more insulation.
Yes, Belka’s heat insulation works perfectly in both winter and summer seasons, helping to keep your living areas at a comfortable temperature. The same technology that reduces thermal conductivity also affects heat entering from the outside.
In practice, 1kg of Belka usually covers 3.5m² of surface area. So for 10m², you’ll need a 3kg pack of Belka to cover the wall with our thermal insulation wall design.
Belka is a DIY wall finish that anyone can apply themselves. Belka gives you a beautiful, durable, and insulated wall finish without the need for professional help: just mix Belka with water, knead well and apply to any surface. Compared to other methods to insulate your walls from within, Belka is a one-step insulation solution that improves the energy efficiency of your home.
Yes, Belka’s insulation properties extend to sound absorption! Belka wall design helps reduce noise levels in your home by absorbing up to 60% of sound waves. Ideal for nurseries, bedrooms and businesses!
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