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How To Install Belka Wallpaper

Training of preparation, installation, and maintenance..

How To Prepare Belka?

Belka Paint and Wallpaper Preparation

Pour Belka into storage box and add water to it, then mix and knead until it becomes a dough. Belka dough must wait 25 – 30 minute before application.

How To Apply Belka?

Belka Wallpaper Application Video

How to apply Belka wallpaper? How should the trowel be held? What should the application thickness be? How many square meters does it cover? Renew your living spaces “on your own” with a few simple steps.

How To Apply Belka Mix?

Mix Color Luxury Wallpaper Application

If you prefer colorful designs instead of plain colors in interior wall decoration, Belka is the wallpaper you are looking for. Watch our video to learn the mixing color application steps.

How To Keep Belka To Use Later?

How to Preserve Dough Belka?

While you are applying your luxurious, eye-catching decoration, you may be busy, your application may be left unfinished, no problem! You can save Belka for later use. How Does? watch our video.

How To Apply Belka On Other Surfaces?

Wallpaper Application on Glass, Wood, Metal, Tiles and Other Surfaces

Did you know that you can apply Belka on glass, wood, metal, wood, tile, wallpaper, all kinds of painted surfaces besides wall surfaces? And without the need for a substructure!

Belka Application | Stencil Usage

Belka Application with Stencil and Patterns

Would you like to see your company logo on your walls? With Belka, you can easily create the logos and shapes you want by using special stencils.

How To Remove Belka From Walls?

How to Remove Belka Wallpaper from the Wall?

This is not the wallpaper you are familiar with! Belka wallpaper that can be easily removed when needed.

How To Repair Belka?

Tips for Wallpaper Repair

You can easily fix your wallpaper with a few small steps, how? Watch our video. Belka New Generation Wall Decoration.

Belka "Unfinished Wall" Completion Method

How to Complete the Unfinished Wall Decoration?

Be sure to watch this video before completing your unfinished wall decoration with Belka.

Geometric Shapes with Belka

There is no limit in design with Belka!

You can reflect all the designs of your dreams that you want to see in your living spaces on your walls. Making geometric shapes with Belka is very simple.

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