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DIY Belka Wallpaper With Fun

How To Apply Belka?


You only need
Belka, water and a trowel.
In 3 Steps Renovate Your Home

Mix, Knead & Apply


  • Pour as much Belka as you need into a storage box.
  • Add some water to it.
  • You add a minimum of 3,5 liters of water for 1 kg of Belka.
  • Feel free to add 3,5 – 5 liters of water for each kg of Belka.
  • Mix Belka and water.


  • Knead well the mix of Belka and water.
  • Let the mix rest for at least 35 minutes.
  • You can wait from 35 minutes to 50 minutes.


  • With a trowel, apply Belka formed into a paste.
  • The thickness of the product should be at least 1 to 2 millimeters. You can use it thicker if you want.
  • Open windows or use a fan to generate air circulation to dry faster.
Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Belka Installation Steps

Interior wall design has never been so easy and fun. Unlike wallpaper and wall paint, Belka is so simple to apply! You can use Belka only in three steps: Mix with water, knead and apply. It is a piece of cake.

Open Belka Pack


Pour The Product Into Storage Box

Pour as much Belka as you need into the storage box. 1 kg of the product covers 3,5 to 5 square meters. If you want a shiny design, add Belka mineral stones to it.

How many square meters does it cover?
• 1 Kg of Belka covers, on average, 3,5 m².
• 3 Kg of Belkacovers on average 10 m².
• 10 Kg of Belka covers, on average, 35 m².

Keeping Conditions

  • You must keep the left Belka product airtight, at room temperature.
  • As for the Belka dough, you must keep it airtight in the refrigerator for three days.
1. Step

Add Water

Pour as much Belka as you need into a storage box. Add clean water to it. You must add at least 3 liters of water per kg. You can add 3 to 5 liters of water for each kg of Belka. For best product performance, you’d better use lukewarm water, the same as body temperature.

  • Water Quantity
  • You can add 3 to 5 liters of water for each kg of Belka.
  • What Happens If You Use More Water Than Required?
  • Please avoid using more water than required because it can increase drying time.
2. Step

Knead well Belka & Water

  • Knead well the mix of Belka and water until you get a dough.
  • Leave the paste resting for at least 35 minutes (You can wait 35 to 50 minutes).
  • Knead well once again.
  • Please note that the kneading step is essential. The cellulose structure must absorb whole water after you have kneaded. You can use a mixer if you want.
3. Step

Apply -DIY

  • Please start up the application from the corners. This method of use is the best and easiest way.
  • For effortless application, hold the trowel at an angle of 5 degrees to the wall and apply it and keep this angle. The thickness of the product should be at least 1 to 2 millimeters. You can use it thicker if you want.
  1. When Belka Dry Up?

    Belka dries between 7 and 48 hours according to the moisture level in the air.

    For quick drying, generate enough air circulation in your living places. Open windows and use a fan if it is needed.

    How To Complete Unfinished Walls?

    If you didn’t have time to apply Belka wallpaper entirely, here is what you can do for unfinished wall completion.

    1. Knead Belka paste
    2. Wet 30 cm width area until dry Belka is getting softened.
    3. Apply Belka for the rest of your walls and complete your work.

Mix Application

Belka Mix Application

You can mix Belka colors to create new patterns if you want. The method of doing this is to make different doughs of each color. Then you can combine the colors as you like. You can add Belka mineral stones to the mix for more stylish and shining designs.

Tips For Belka Mix

Do not mix the colors too much to get bigger and net images in your design.
If you wish, you can apply each color to different walls. For example, you can use a darker shade on your TV accent wall.

Revolution in Interior Design

Belka Natural Stylish Healthy Anti Allergic Ecological Energy Efficient DIY Soundproof Wallpaper

on every surface


The only wall coating product applicable on any surface.

insulated wallpaper belka


With thermal insulation, Belka saves you energy and money.



Belka is completely odorless during and after application.

easy to apply wallpaper


Belka wallpaper application is effortless and funny.

More Than Paint or Wallpaper

New Technology Cotton Wallpaper

Belka is more than wallpaper with its unique features. It brings health, luxury, and quality to your property. Plus, you can have the design of your dreams in your interiors with its color diversity.

Architect's Favorite In Luxury Decoration

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